Automation Solutions

Process Automation

  • Analysis
  • Study
  • Software Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Industry 4.0

Energy Management

  • Effective electric energy manufacturing (photovoltaics, generators, wind power plants)
  • Optimization of energy stock and consumption (Batteries, hot water, heating/cooling, heat recovery, shading)
  • Consumption and manufacturing prediction with using of Weather Forecast
  • Battery storage control (battery, EV car)
  • Distributed energy manufacturing control
  • Advanced system of photovoltaic energy manufacturing:
  • Predikce výroby EE - meteopředpovědi
  • Preciction of consumption
  • Energy storage – battery, hot water storage (boilers, EV car)
  • Electric energy sale into grid

Smart Buildings Automation

  • Study
  • Designing the control system
  • Installation of all systems and wiring
  • Analysis and Sowtware Development

Prediction Systems for Machine Maintenance

  • Vibration metering using RMS sensors of rotation components (motors, gear boxes, bearings)
  • Computing and monitoring of Crest factor
  • Data evaluation for precautionary maintenance – decreasing the manufacturing failtures and breaks

Projects - References

  • Automation of drugs&cosmetics manufacturing - Cormen, s.r.o. – Czech Republic - Solution design, drawings and implementation of full automated manufacturing of drugs. Supply Automation, mixing, cooking etc. The control system integrates all present subsystems and technologies equipped by various controllers into one homogenous fully automated control system and monitoring. For control system is used Tecomat Foxtrot who is integrated with manufacturing system. The main requirement of customer was optimize manufacturing, automate raw material supply from storage to manufacturing where are automatically processed ingredients according to formula, strored in control system.

  • Energy Management in residential/commercial buildings - Control and optimization of energy from Photovoltaic panels in houses and buildings to optimize consumption, decrease costs, cancel energy overlow into the grid. User setting of priorities in energy management.

  • Apartment villa - Coral Estate, Curacao Island (Caribic) - Solution design, drawings and full instalaltion of control system for villa: - Lighting, Cooling, Access System, Pool Technology, Security System, Camera System, Wiring, etc.

  • Traffic line control - Baku region, Azerbajdzan - Telematic system is working fully automatically according to real traffic and weather date, which measure car detectors in the whole highway corridor. All measured data are processed by Gantry servers, specially developped for control of highway information systems. Gantry server is using special algorythms to evaluate real traffic situation and displays traffic control symbols at the traffic signs placed above each traffic line. Additional information for drivers are provided on information signs placed at dedicated traffic portals. Gantry server can work independently in Automation mode but also is conencted to national control dispatching. The national control dispatching can control all the traffic signs system automatically. In case of exceptional incidents the dispatcher can manually control the systém or each traffic sign. He can use for manual control information from visual monitoring of traffic from camera system.

  • Highway Traffic Control – Czech Republic - Design and software development of highway traffic signs for ŘSD (Czech Highway Operator) for D1 and D6 Czech highways. The systém is connected with Czech National Traffic Dispatching (NDIC).

  • Administrative and manufacturing plant - VIPAX a.s. – Czech Republic - Solution design, drawings, implementation and software development for building automation of this manufacturing plant. Implemented control system Tecomat Foxtrot. Control of HVAC, heating, security system, shading, access system.

  • Full Building Automation – manufacturing plant H-GLOST s.r.o., Kuřim – Czech Republic - Solution design, drawings, implementation and full programming of building Automation for manufacturig plant H-GLOST s.r.o. Kuřim based on control system Tecomat Foxtrot. Control system include: HVAC, Air-conditioning, lighting, heating, security system, gates, shading, watering the garden, energy consumption metering , boiler room control, hot water production. All technologies and functionalities are integrated into one homogenous system with mutual interaction providing smart control of the plant.   Additional parts of delivery - Full wiring installation, Camera system

  • Integration of Panasonic welding robot with catching jig and information system – VIPAX – Czech Republic - Integration of welding robot Panasonic with catching jig and air valves SMC via PROFIBUS into manufacturing software. Welding jig is taking data from manufacturing information system and adapts its behaving according to these data – the size and shapes which should be welded.