Control4Energy – Solution for solar panels energy control and optimization in residential and commercial buildings and electric energy consumption control

Company Automation Solutions presents a great solution for end users in residential and commercial buildings to control and optimise consumption of electric energy obtained from roof solar panels implemented in the house or buildings.

Standardized solution Control4Energy is based on industrial PLC controller Tecomat Foxtrot with extraordinary lifecycle and robusty, proved by tens thousands applications in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Product is designed and developped as „Plug and Play“ solution for implementation by common electrical works without knowledge of programming or other special knowledge. The implemetation proces sis very easy – electrical workers just conenct wiring of power supply and control unit with load (electric appliances to be controlled – typiccaly hot water boiler, electric heating, heating pump, A/C etc.) in control cabinet according to conection guide and diagram.

During first operation the electrical workers run set up with end user for setting parameters at maintenance screen – naming the electrical circuits, recomended order of switching on and off the loads according to best user experiances and requirements of customer (end user). Naming the circuits and order of switching on and off can be anytime in the future changed by the user.

Product is working automatically and provides consumption of maximum manufactured energy from solar panels in the house/building by that way that switches on and off loads in order set by end user or control the load from 0 to 100%. User create the order of loads according to his own need of comfort and economy but as well limitation for swithicng on and off.

This product is providing that maximum electric energy manufactured by solar panels (typically implemented on roof) is comsumed in the house/building without need to buy energy from the grid.

Users can see the graphs monitoring the manufactured energy. For big customers who run big amount of solar panels installations can be created and operated monitoring dispatching and customize the GUI according to their needs, logo or graphic design.

Control4Energy provides maximal efectivity of consumption energy from solar panels and decrease the home/building energy consumtion and costs.

Technical data

Controlled solar invertors:

  • Xantrex
  • Victorn
  • GoodWe
  • Solax
  • SolarEdge
  • Fronius
  • Studer

Electricity meters recommended for connection:

  • EM380 Innepro
  • Siemens centros pac 3000-4000
  • Pulse elektricity meters
  • Teco smartmeter
  • OR WE 504

Controlled loads:

  • 0/1 (digital output)
  • 0-10V
  • Heat pump Hitachi
  • Heat pump Acond
  • Heat pump Daikin
  • Heat pump Mitsubichi
  • A/C Daikin
  • A/C LG
  • Charging station - WallBox 0-10V
  • Charging station WallBox Schneider
  • Charging station WallBox ABB
  • Charging station WallBox TECO
  • Charging station WallBox EnSto
  • Charging station WallBox Zaba
  • Charging station WallBox AgeVolt

Customization of technical data and integration of another devices for big customers and markets possible. ! WR_prehled c4e_en FVEPrebykty_en Realtime chart